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Ralph Pucci – Letter of Introduction

Ralph Pucci Is the major force behind RALPH PUCCI INTERNATIONAL, and an innovator in the mannequin industry. He is President of the mannequin company founded by his parents in the 1950’s. Operating in a spacious loft on West 18th Street, mannequins are designed, manufactured and unveiled twice yearly.

Ralph Pucci – known for Mannequins, Furniture and Art. Ralph Pucci has combined a team of the most innovative designers, illustrators, artists and photographers to produce Furniture & Lighting. Furniture is simple, timeless and beautifully crafted.

“At Pucci I am committed to giving the artist his true artistic stage. The team I have put together: Andree Putman, Ruben Toledo, Maira Kalman, Anna Sui, Stephen Sprouse, Chris Lehrecke, David Weeks, Josef Astor, Kenny Scharf, Christy Turlington to name just a few, are all visionaries. They are leaders not followers. I have been fortunate to appreciate and understand this unique talent and deliver their message to a broader audience.” Read more at

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