Charles Pollock Reproductions

Are you interested in purchasing furniture from the Charles Pollock Collection ? At Decorative Buying Services, we can offer you a professional buying service to assist with ‘Trade Only’ manufacturers such as Charles Pollock.

Charles Pollock – “It was the first store of its kind on the street, which is now known as “Melrose Place,” one of Los Angeles’ most sought out locations. Charles Pollock unknowingly launched a trend that would establish the area as one of the great havens for some of the most famous antique and antique reproduction companies on the West Coast.

Mr. Pollock, whose experience in the industry spans almost five decades, personally hand selected distinctive period antiques from which he modeled his reproduction line. His philosophy about reproductions, born from classic design, is that they “be reproductions,” not “imitations of the originals.” Details are exaggerated, proportions modified, resulting in a less rigid, less stern adaptation that is perfectly orchestrated to enhance its surroundings.”

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